Denture Repairs, Cleaning & Adjustments in Basildon
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Do you need a new customised denture set? Maybe you want it repaired or adjusted, or even just a quick clean would benefit your denture. At Hockley Dental Lab we have been making, fixing and cleaning dentures for our clients all over Basildon for over 30 years now. The vast experience gathered over the years enable our skilled technicians to offer outstanding services, and the result will undoubtedly give you a glistening smile. We have an on-site laboratory where we aim to guarantee your dentures are cleaned, repaired or adjusted to perfection. At Hockley Dental Lab, customer is king. You simply cannot go wrong with us, give us a call, and we will take away the pain of being unhappy with your denture.

Once you visit our clinic, you will be offered consultation by our clinical dental technician Jon Fribbins. He will assure you of our best of the best services, be it making dentures that are specially built for you, to repairs, cleaning or adjusting them, but whatever the case might be, we guarantee top-notch services and your denture condition will be better than they have ever been. Choose Basildon’s finest denture repair & cleaning service.


In most cases purchasing a new denture is not necessary. You may be comfortable with your dentures, and the only issue is a minor issue with cleanliness or the usual wear and tear, this should be no cause for worry. The maintenance, repairs, and cleaning performed will guarantee long life and also at a relatively low cost compared to purchasing a new set.

Due to our vast experience, we have managed to acquire top-drawer skills and the daily services provided by our skilled technicians has enabled them to work with 100’s of clients throughout Basildon. At Hockley Dental Lab it is not only about completing a task but also ensuring the denture is up to the client’s standards, whatever standard that may be.

Not only do we repair, clean and make dentures for clients in Basildon but also produce and supply a wide range of products depending on the demand of the market and client needs. Due to our strong staff members, we can meet deadlines, and so our work is done swiftly and efficiently but with quality, of course. Because of this, our clients throughout Basildon trust us for our reliability and ability to produce high-quality services. We don’t like to inconvenience our clients thus our turnaround times are as swift as possible. In the case of repairs, most are available the following day, depending on the extent of the repair required and damage to the denture. Call us now for turnaround times and quote for costs for all work in Basildon.

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