Denture Repairs, Cleaning & Adjustments in Benfleet
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You might need a denture repair if you have bitten something hard and damage your denture as a result, or perhaps you’re just looking to have your denture repaired. In that case, look no further as Hockley Dental Lab has come to offer you any services you need help with, with regards to any denture cleaning or repairs throughout Benfleet.

We at Hockley Dental Lab are expert in denture repair, cleaning and adjustment. We have been offering our services to clients throughout Benfleet for 30 solid years. We have a superb onsite laboratory where our experienced and expert technicians are ever ready to offer our clients first class service in dentures making, fixing, repairing and cleaning. Look no further, just call us today for a taste of our unmatchable quality services.

At Hockley Dental Lab, we have the vision to ensure that our clients’ dentures fit, work perfectly well and stay in a good condition. So, don’t wait until you have a troubled denture, or you damage it and it gives you an unnecessary pain as a result. Contact us today so we can help you repair or clean your denture in no time, waiting until you experience a denture that is in desperate need of attention is not a good option.

We offer clients anything they desire with regards to denture repair. We can remake dentures that are totally irreparable. Simply ask our denture technician about costings for creating you a customised denture.

We also have consultation service available with our dental technicians Jon Fribbins on standby at our onsite facility clinic to offer the best denture cleaning and repair service. This is, of course, also part of our in-built surgery program.


Do not panic if your denture makes you uncomfortable for a long time without any solution or you have suffered general wear or breakage to your denture. That does not signal an end to the use of your denture.

A solution is here at your fingertips at Hockley Dental Lab. Just contact us today and find out what our solution looks like and how we can help you with it to prolong the lifespan of your denture.

At Hockley Dental Lab, we also have denture cleaning, repair, and maintenance available at a price lesser than the cost of buying a new one.

Other services also available at our lab are production and distribution all sort of dental products for your everyday use, and we have different types of dentures that are available for your choice as well. Our goal is to fix all works as quickly as possible so we give no room for delay at our practice.

Call Benfleet’s finest denture repair & cleaning centre – Hockley Dental Lab.

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