Denture Repairs, Cleaning & Adjustments in Canvey Island
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Looking for a reputable denture repair or cleaning service in Canvey Island? Well, look no further than our expert denture repair and adjustment service. We are ready to help and are just waiting for your call. For over 30 years, Hockley Dental Lab has been repairing & cleaning dentures in Canvey Island for hundreds of clients, and we now have an on-site laboratory our highly skilled and experienced technician who makes dentures, fix dentures, repairs dentures, and clean dentures. Here at Hockley Dental Lab, we aim to ensure that your dentures are comfortable and work properly. When a set of dentures doesn’t fit properly, it can cause so much discomfort, and at times pain. So if your dentures need some sort of adjustment, don’t continue to live with all the unnecessary discomfort and give us a call and we will repair, fix or whatever needs to be done in no time!

Not only do we offer repairs, but we also offer consultation in our very own purpose-built surgery with our expert clinical dental technician John Fribbins, assuring that you will receive the best in whatever service we offer, be it denture repairs, getting dentures made, or even getting the dentures cleaned. All of this will be done in our fantastic, top-quality on-site facility in our clinic. Whatever you would need to be done with your dentures, we can say with a 100% guarantee that your dentures will come back in the condition it was in when it was brand new, or as close to it as possible. Many clients in Canvey Island will concur that message. Don’t be tricked in having a new set of dentures made and have to spend even more money, get them repaired and back to new for a way better price. Aside from all the money saved by repairing dentures instead of getting new ones, you also can save a lot of time, making the whole process hassle-free!


If you have a nice, comfortable pair of dentures, some minor breakage should not mean the end of the world for your dentures. Instead of getting them replaced, you can bring your dentures in for cleaning, repairs, and maintenance which is carried out at a fraction of the cost of getting new ones. Aside from being much less expensive, bringing your dentures in for repairs and maintenance can also extend the life of your dentures in the long run. Give us a call to find out how we can prolong the life of your dentures just as we have many other clients in Canvey Island.

We produce a wide range of dental products (dentures included), and we can supply them, too, should the need arise. Our goal is to get to work as soon and as quick as possible. When getting dentures repaired, in most cases the dentures will be ready by the next day, while more complex repairs take up to a week, contact Canvey Island’s finest denture repair, cleaning & adjustment service.

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