Denture Repairs, Cleaning & Adjustments Rochford

If you have bitten something and accidentally damaged your denture as a result, or your denture really needs an overall or tidy up with a clean and perhaps some repairs, do not panic nor despair as Hockley Dental Lab is here to help.

Hockley Dental Lab has been offering denture repair and adjustment service throughout Rochford for over 30 years now. Call us today and have a taste of our quality service, with our experienced and expert technicians ever ready to make, fix, repair and clean your dentures. We have an onsite laboratory where we offer the services that we have been providing for clients in Rochford for over 3 decades.

Ensuring your dentures fit, work perfectly well and are in a good condition is our ultimate goal for all clients residing in Rochford. You should not wait until you irreparably damage your denture, you should pick up the phone to Hockley Dental Lab who can help repair the denture at a convenient time. If you keep on putting off a denture repair, the issue is only going to get. Hence, we are here to help and look forward to helping clean, adjust or repair your denture.


Do you have an uncomfortable denture that has caused issues for you over time? Or it may be breakage or general wear that has really been disturbing you? Do not panic, that is not the end of the use of your denture. There is a solution that lies at your fingertip. Contact us today for a solution to this worry of yours, and find out how we can lengthen the lifespan of your denture with our solutions from our dental technician who deals with clients in Rochford on a daily basis.

Carrying out cleaning, repair, and maintenance of dentures is a sure way to lengthen the lifespan of your dentures. We also produce and distribute all sort of dental products for your everyday use. We don’t entertain delay, so our goal is to fix all dentures as quick as we can.

Our services are always available on time without any delay. We complete our repair work within 24 hours, but complex works can sometimes take longer than that. You are free to contact us for a quote for the cost of our different works or the turnaround times. Simply contact Rochford’s finest denture repair, cleaning and adjustment technicians – Hockley Dental Lab

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